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I've noticed a gaping hole in the entertainment industry that is waiting to be filled. A multitude of DJs and people searching for them exist in the market, yet a platform to bridge this gap is absent. This scenario isn't just limited to DJs – there's a wide variety of music tastes, like Indonesian or 80s music, yearning for specialised DJs. Hence, I'm envisioning a website that acts as a 'DJ Matchmaker', connecting these two groups and addressing their unique needs.

Interestingly, this situation extends to other professionals in the events industry as well. Take photographers, for instance – they are crucial to capturing any celebration, yet are often overlooked. A prime example is my grandfather's 90th birthday where we missed out on preserving precious moments due to the lack of a photographer. Similarly, I've seen qualified makeup artists working in unrelated industries who could provide affordable services for events, highlighting the need for a platform that brings event planners and various service providers together.

The potential of such a platform could even reach further into equipment rentals. There are several unique services, like wedding-worthy jumping castles or photo booths printing fridge magnets, that struggle to find their target audience. These vendors could thrive if listed on a comprehensive event-hiring site, giving customers a variety of choices and businesses a broader platform to showcase their unique offerings. The time is ripe for a single, all-encompassing platform that could revolutionise the way we plan events by providing a one-stop solution for customers and vendors alike.

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– Peter Rami Ranieri
Managing Director
of Pty. Ltd.

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